Corona Television is a new breed of drama production company. Based in Shoreditch, London, we create bold and cinematic original drama series reaching both UK and international audiences. We harness our feature film background to think big and to work with the very best talent globally. We are a home for passionate writers, directors and fellow producers - with exciting and provocative ideas, and with truly distinctive voices.


Founded by Richard Johns and Rupert Jermyn in 2012, our distinction is our heritage as movie-makers, our track record including the double Oscar-nominated SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe, cult thriller KILLING TIME for Columbia TriStar and Orlando Bloom-starrer, romantic comedy THE CALCIUM KID. In recent years the company produced and released Robert Heath’s psychological thriller TRUTH OR DARE, and the multiple award-winning darkly comic hitman road movie THE LIABILITY from writer John Wrathall and director Craig Viveiros, starring Tim Roth, Peter Mullan and Jack O’Connell.

With a combination of 25 years’ production experience and award-winning films, and financing power underpinned by its strategic relationship with global distributor FremantleMedia, the company is in a uniquely strong market position to capitalise on exceptional new content. We specialise in working with the very best talent across the board whether established or emerging, and thereby bringing audiences scripted shows that cannot be missed.

In 2015 FremantleMedia, one of the largest creators, producers and distributors of television in the world acquired a 25% stake in Corona Television. The deal gives FremantleMedia a first look option on all Corona’s output and furthers FremantleMedia’s ambition to build its scripted pipeline with projects that will have an epic and cinematic feel and attract international co-production funding. FremantleMedia’s Director of Global Drama, Sarah Doole, sits on the board of Corona Television.